Spring Convocation 2020

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Click on the video below to view our Convocation video with messages from our Dean, student marshal, alumni and special guests!

GRADUATES: Be sure to check out the convocation program and other social media content!

Virtual Convocation Program

Opening and Opening Remarks

Opening Music: Tin-Shi Tam
Charles T. and Ivadelle Cobb Cownie Professor of Music Carillonneur

Welcome: Beate Schmittmann, Dean

Student Address: Hexiang (Sam) Zhang
Graduating Senior, Computer Science

Graduate and Honors List

Alumni Remarks

Jeff Joniak
’84 Journalism and Mass Communication, Director of Sports Programming, WBBM Chicago and Play-by-Play Announcer for the Chicago Bears

Dee Vandeventer
’75 Psychology and Child Development, Retired Chief Development Officer for Unity Point Health – Allen Foundation

Dave Vandeventer
’73 Distributed Studies, Retired Realtor, Oakridge Realtors

Tim Pennings
Ph.D. ’87 Mathematics, Department Chair, Davenport University

Alumni Remarks, Contd.

Scott Siepker
’05 Psychology, Actor, Writer, Producer

Rajesh Parekh
MS ’93 Computer Science, Ph.D ’98 Engineering, Director, Google

Ned Zachar
’85 Economics, Partner, KLS Diversified Asset Management

Laura Jackson
’90 Psychology, Chief Health Officer, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Brad Hart
’78 Political Science, Mayor of Cedar Rapids, IA Attorney, Bradley and Riley, P.C

Closing Remarks

Career Services:
Taren Reker, Director of LAS Career Services

The Bells of Iowa State
Samantha Schmitz, Graduating Senior, Music

A printable convocation program is available on the Downloads Page.

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Congratulations, Graduates!

Congratulations son, Luis Gonzalez, and Spring 2020 graduates!
Rebecca Diaz

Congratulations Class of 2020. We are all proud of you!
Dale and Monica Kurr

Congratulations to our 18 English Education graduates! Best of wishes to you in your first years of teaching.
Donna Niday

Congratulations to the Legacy of Heroines Scholars 2020 graduates!
Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics

Congratulations to Grace, Crystal, and Izzy!
Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics

Congratulations Linguists! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see how you’re going to impact the world!
Taylor Anne Barriuso

Congratulations BPMI graduates! I can’t wait to see your many contributions to the world. Keep drawing and good luck!
Elizabeth Zimmerman

Congratulations to the LAS class of 2020! I am proud of you and your achievements. I look forward to seeing how you will change the world.
Karen Kedrowski, Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics

Madeline, Jacob, and Brandon: Thank you for being such amazing coworkers this past summer – we can’t wait to see all of the great things you do. Adventure awaits!
2019 LAS Cyclone Aides

Graduates, I’m thinking of you today, and as you make this important transition! I am so proud of the work you’ve done, and in very challenging circumstances!
Dr. G-G

WLC, Anthropology, and Classical Studies Graduates! We are so proud of you! Congratulations on an amazing finish to your undergraduate education. Please stay in touch – we’d love to hear what you’re up to next!(wlc-advising@iastate.edu)
Alissa & Flor

Jenny Macken

Dear Spring 2020 Graduates, We wish you the very best as you begin your next adventure!! Best Wishes!!
Professor Sakaguchi and the Lab: @SakaguchiLab

Congrats graduates! Watching with pride in support of our graduate Pau Rotger.

Congratulations on your success! Special congratulations to Ashley Steen, LAS graduate in Psychology!

Well done, Jacob and Kevin! I am very proud of all you have accomplished and wish you a bright future.
Cinzia Cervato

Congratulations! We are so proud of how you have persevered!
Mom, Dad, Katie, & Ian!

Aiden Fitzsimmons – Congratulations on your Graduation!!
Mom, Dad, Ian, & Katie

Looking forward to seeing how you will change the world. Congratulations, Cyclones!
Julie Roosa

I hope this time is healthy, safe, and as fun as possible. Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!
Elizabeth Settles

Congrats and best wishes to all graduates and my former students. Be confident, adaptable, and resilient and you will reach your goals!
Nicole Allaire, Assistant Teaching Professor – English

We made it! Congrats to all of us–good luck out there Cyclones.
Selena Olson

Congratulations, graduates!
Elizabeth Hoffman

Congratulations all graduates! Way to go Mady Stano, we are so proud of you!
Jame, Amanda, Logan, Andrew and Macy

Congratulations to all the Greenlee School of Journalism & Communication graduates! You will be missed in Hamilton Hall!
Kelsie Poe

Congratulations LAS International graduates! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and celebrating your successes with you. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and please keep in touch!
Suzanne Harle, LAS International Student Network

Well-done, Psychology Majors! You have been a delight to work with, in class, in labs, and in other ways. The faculty in the Department of Psychology know you will be a success! Please stay in touch. Go Psyclones!
Dr. Susan E. Cross, Chair, Department of Psychology

Good job to all of you and don’t stop keep working To get better

CONGRATULATIONS and may God continue to bless you in all that you put your hands to do.Great grand Auntie Gracie is very proud of you.
Joseph and Gracie Bogan

I hope your dreams take you to the corner of your smiles. To the highest of your hopes, To the window of your opportunities, to the most special places your heart has ever known.
Richard P. Bowens Jr.

Special congratulations and best wishes for our graduates from the Department of Statistics! Good luck on all of your future endeavors and please make sure to keep in touch. Go Cyclones!
Dr. Amy Froelich, Department of Statistics

Congratulations, Rabab! Thanks for all of your hard work over the years, and good luck in graduate school! Please keep in touch.

Rylee Suellen Runyan we are so very proud of you!
Love, Your Family

Congrats COMST majors & minors! It has been a pleasure teaching you these past four years!
Katherine Rafferty, Assistant Teaching Professor, COMST Program

I’m very proud of and happy for all of our graduating students, particularly my department’s majors and minors (Psychology!) and in my lab (Britt Bovbjerg!).
L. Alison Phillips

To the Army ROTC Spring ’20 graduating class – I wish you all the best for your future and your Army adventures. This will be a graduation story to pass down to your grandchildren!
Kris Peterson

Congratulations to all our ComS 2020 graduates! I hope that you will succeed with your computing skills and Iowa character!
Xiaoqiu Huang

¡Buena suerte a los estudiantes de la clase de 2020!
Rachel Haywood Ferreira

Congratulations! We will all remember and be rooting for the class of 2020! Taking the path less traveled already!
Kara Nady

Congratulations, graduates! ¡Felicidades! I’m so proud of your hard work and dedication! You did it!!!
Professor Megan Myers

Great job Amanda, we are so proud of you & your achievements
Love, Mom, Dad & Ryan

Congratulations Jacob Mattoon!! We are so proud of you and know you will make a great teacher
The Conley’s

Congratulations to my son Jacob Mattoon – I am so very proud of you!!! you will make a wonderful teacher and mentor!!! keep following your dreams and you will be awesome!! love ya more mom
Monica Mattoon – proud mom

You are the man Mattoon. Your hard work and belief in yourself will translate in the classroom. You have always DARED 2B GREAT and now you will inspire others to do the same. Proud of you, young man.
Mr. R

Thanks to Sophia Rotterman and Ali Ashkanani for all your work in the Cross Social Self and Culture Lab!
Professor Susan Cross, Department of Psychology

Happy graduation Jacob Mattoon! I know you will do great things!
Danielle B

Chase and Rachael – You two will be missed more than you know by all of us at LAS Career Services. We are beyond proud of the professionals you are and all you have done to prepare yourself for this next step in your life. We are excited for you as you take on this next adventure! There is no doubt you have big things awaiting you in your new careers. Good luck in all you do!
LAS Career Services – Taren, Lexi, Angela, and Liz

Congratulations graduates! Take courage as you step forward, engage with those familiar and new, and encourage one another along the path. We at ISU are cheering for you!
Heather Bolles – Mathematics

Richie “RBIII” Bowens, This is the best Mother’s Day gift. I am so proud of you. You are not only my first born but you are the first of your generation to graduate from college on both my side and our father side. You are destined for greatness and I am proud to call you MY SON! Love, Mom
Kyana Smith

All of your hard work has finally paid off. Congratulations on your accomplishments and welcome to “adulthood “
Jacob Mattoon

Congratulations To My Outstanding Nephew Richard P. Bowens III
Love Auntie Quell

This is only the beginning! God has amazing things in store for your future!
Amber Nicole Smith

Congratulations! Job well done, Richard P BOWENS III
Roberta Bowens

As John C. Maxwell stated, ” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. You have done that and more. Continue to strive for excellence and you will be blessed. Im so happy and proud to take part in your graduation.
Ms. Monica

So proud of you Jacob! You will be an amazing influence in young people’s lives for years to come.
Dad, Emily, and Heidi

Congratulations Biology majors!!! We wish you the very best as you begin your next adventure!
Lauren Ramos


CONGRATS, 2020 ISU Grads! From this adventure, to your next! Godspeed!
Joan Dodd (proud mom, of an ISU LAS Spring ’20 Graduate!)

Antonia Reyes your family is extremely proud of you and all you have accomplished at Iowa State! We love you! Once a Cyclone, Always a Cyclone!
Dad, Mom, Nick & Luke Reyes

Congratulations to Ryan Whitener! We are so proud of you – you inspire us with your determination and hard work! You’re an amazing man, and we love you!
Mom & Dad

Congratulations Aliya for finishing such a intense semester! You totally rocked it!

Richard Bowens and All 2020 Graduates, congratulations on your achievements as you complete this part of your collegiate journey! As you embark upon the next of success please remember that you are destined for greatness; walk in it & believe it! Best of wishes to you all!
Abery & Lisa Thomas

Anna Swartzendruber, thank you for your leadership with the Tri Iota Women’s and Gender Studies Honorary Society! We will miss you at ISU! Best of luck in the future!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Ashlyn Butler, congratulations on your upcoming graduation from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Iowa State University!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Congratulations to the graduating seniors in English, Speech Communication, and Technical Communication whom I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with this semester: Carrie Brcka, Jenna Bartucci, Ryan Byrnes, Aaron Cronk, Madison Davies, Hailey Deitch, Aaron Fischer, Haley Glowik, Laura Johnson, Ana Mier, Bailey Neifert, Brooke Stanek, Elizabeth White, and Halle Yancey (and anyone I might have missed). You’re facing more uncertainty than the graduating classes before you, but I am confident that you will find your way. Each and every one of you has been an important member of our classes, and I know that you will continue to be a help to others in your communities outside of Iowa State. You have the skills you need to engage critically and carefully with the world around you, and you will be able to navigate wherever you find yourself next. But, before all of that, I hope you’ll take some time to celebrate your incredible accomplishment.
Dr. Laura Michael Brown

Congratulations, Ethan King! We are so proud of you!
Mom and Dad

To our amazing Spring 2020 Biochemistry and Biophysics graduating class; we will miss you very much. We are so grateful for your dedication, leadership, and contribution to our community. We celebrate your accomplishments and excited where your paths shall lead. Please stay in touch.
Desi Gunning and the entire BBMB department

Congratulations Communication Studies graduates. You brought us joy, inspiration, and challenges. We are so proud to be part of your lives. Go do good things!
Communication Studies Department

My Warmest Congratulations To All for Your Monumental Achievement! We Are Very Proud of You And We Will Miss You!! Go Change The World!!!
Yanhai Yin, Professor and Chair, Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology

Congratulations Daniel Niedfeldt-Thomas! We are so proud of you, your commitment, and your perseverance! YOU did it!!!
xo Mom, Dad, Evan!

Way to go, Gracie!!! We are so very proud of you!!!
Kim and Jeff Tobin

Every future has a past. It is the lessons we learn that allow us to continue striving to become the best versions of ourselves.
Carol and Rick Larson

Congratulations Brianna A.! We are so proud of you.
Mom and Dad

Susan, we are very proud of you! You are going to be a great Music Teacher!
Love, Mom, Dad, and Nicholas

Congratulations to all the 2020 ISU graduates! Cassie Sandberg, you did it! We love you!

Congratulations to our LAS Ambassadors! We are so thankful for your dedication and leadership. Good luck on your next adventure, we are so proud of you!
Kathy, Eric, and Lydia

Congratulations on your Graduation Blake Bender!!
Collin & Kim Bender & Family

Congratulations to the fabulous BPMI graduates! We will miss you! Best wishes!
Jennifer Owens

Congratulations to Hannah Jane
Grandma & Grandpa

Sometimes graduates walk across a stage in a room or field packed with spectators of family and friends. This year there is a historical, global pandemic that has altered the format for receiving diplomas. I encourage each of you to remember that whether you are surrounded by hundreds, or a few-in person or by virtual means-with your fellow graduates or alone…. the honor remains! Congratulations to all of you! May God bless you and lead you in the direction of His plan for your life!
Cricket Elden (AKA Charley’s Mom)

Shelby Krug, keep in touch! We appreciate your contributions to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program during your time @ ISU!!
Women’s & Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Good luck with your future endeavors, Olivia Lehman!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Elise Margulies, your learning and experience in Women’s and Gender Studies matters now more than ever! Wishing you and those around you the best in these difficult times!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Rachel O’Brien, it was great to see you grow and thrive as a Women’s and Gender Studies student at Iowa State! Best of luck in the future!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Congratulations Mady Stano! We are very proud of you!
Love, Mom & Dad

Jacob, We are so proud of you and can’t wait for your next adventure!
Love, Mom, Dad, Emily, Darren, and the rest of the clan

I wish you a successful professional career and all the best in all your endeavors!
Dr. Pablo Raúl Stinga

Meteorology graduates, congratulations on a job well done -You’ve weathered a bigger storm than most! Please stay in touch.
Bill Gallus

Congratulations Antonia Reyes! We are so very proud of you! Dream Big pretty girl and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve!
Love, Nino and Nina

Congratulations Katherine Essman!!! We love you so much and we’re very proud of you! So happy you’re a Cyclone!
Denise Essman

Connie Ringlee

Congratulations to Johnny, Rachel, and Cara We will miss your energy, enthusiasm, and humor. You always made my day when I saw you in the office. You were also excellent speech communication students, and I loved to brag about you.
Connie Ringlee, Adviser

Congratulations Mark, so proud of you. I knew you would make everyone proud. Love you Bobo
Mark Bertolomi

You got this Class of 2020! Congratulations!! So Proud Mark Bertolami!
Love, The Wiltberger Family

Congratulations Dalton couldn’t be more proud of you.
love grandpa Jones

Congratulations Mark Bertolami, We are all so proud of you. Great job and good luck I’m your next 4 years. Papa would be Soooo proud of you. He’s watching over you don’t worry . Luv You always Gramma
Sharon Jozefowicz

Mark congratulations on graduating with a B.S in Chemistry with the highest honors.
Carl Bertolami

Congratulations to the STEM Scholars Program Graduates!!! Diversifying STEM one graduate at a time.
Dr. Corey Welch, Director STEM Scholars Program

Congratulations Dalton Jones we are really proud of you..
Love you, Dad

Mark Bertolami- words cannot describe how proud of you I am! You are so amazing and I wish nothing but the best for you! You deserve nothing less! I wish you all the best in your future adventures! Lots of love! Congratulations!!!

Class of 2020, we’re so proud of you! Go and do great things in the world!

Samona Garcia, we’re proud of you & sad that we can’t get on a flight to be there! We’ll be there in spirit with you & your class of 2020
Theresa Andreano & Richard

Congratulations on your day!
Emma Roberts

Congratulations to Mark Bertolami class of 2020! We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished.
Uncle Frank and Aunt Diane

I am so proud of my cousin Mark Bertolami – continue reaching for your dreams!
Cousin Sandy Dzik

Congratulations to the class of 2020!
Tim Dzik

Congratulations to all of the graduates! We are so proud! Especially of our son, Brian Mackley! Go and do great things!
Mike and Jen Mackley

CONGRATULATIONS THOMAS J. PEMRICK Jr.! Your family is proud of all of your accomplishments. May your future be everything you want it to be.
Pemrick Family

Dear Seniors, I am so proud of all the work you have done and am saddened you all lost your end of college celebration that you so rightfully deserved. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with many of you through Leadership Studies and I know you will go on to have great impact in the world. You are amazing! Congrats!
Tara Widner, PhD

David Wahl, Your learning and experience in Women’s and Gender Studies matters now more than ever! Wishing you and those around you the best in these difficult times!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Mark Heirig, you are graduating under extreme and challenging circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic. Your training and experience at ISU will help you overcome these challenges and thrivein your future career and lives!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Molly Muench, congratulations on your upcoming graduation from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Iowa State University !
Women’s and Gender Studies Program Faculty & Staff

Kori Ralston, good luck with your future endeavors!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Tia Saddler, keep in touch! We appreciate your contributions to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program during your time @ ISU!!
Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty & Staff

Congratulations Chase! We are so proud of you and excited for the next chapter as you start a new job, in a new state! You are amazing, remember that! Love you! Mom, Dad & Anna
Dan, Shannon & Anna Kaltved

Congrats Mark and all the 2020 graduates! Great work and best wishes for all your future success!
Cousin Cool and Chris

We are all very proud of you and what you have accomplished! The world needs your ideas, your expertise and your compassion. Congratulations!
Amy Slagell Associate Dean LAS

Congratulations Kelsey! We are so proud of you!
Love, Arnold and Mom

Way to go Kelsey, you did it!
Love, Christopher, Kayla, Zoe and Jonathan

Congratulations Kelsey!
Love, Grandpa and Grandma D.

Your final semester turned out REALLY crazy, but you finished anyway! Congratulations, LAS Graduates!!
Beate Schmittmann, Dean

Congratulations Emma Abels!

Remember: The most difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
Douglas and Laura Duran

Congratulations Mark Bertolami so proud of you yong man.

Congratulations John Hilst! We are both so proud of you!
Dad and Moma

Congratulations Mark Bertolami !!
Jack Mason

Congratulations to Corrine Schwarting.

Congrats to Sarah Jones on all you’ve accomplished in just 3 years at ISU. So excited to see what the future holds! Next up…KU OT Doctorate Program!!
Proud Parents – Doug & Stacey Jones

Jacob Mattoon! Congrats on your graduation. I’m so proud of you and so happy you’re coming back home to teach!
Jamie Zimmerman

Congrats Jacob Mattoon!!! So proud of you!
Best wishes from Jade, Justin, and Savannah Carson

Congratulations Jacob!! We are so proud of you!! You are going to do amazing things in your classroom.
Jenna, Blayke, and Bentley Hall

I’m so sorry that you’re missing the rite of passage of commencement, but just like a marriage is more important than a wedding, it’s the graduation that counts, not the ceremony. Congratulations, 2020 graduates! I’m so proud of you.
Amy Rutenberg, History

Congratulations to the Cyclone Class of 2020! As the shirt says, you’re virtually the best class ever! Your time at ISU has prepared you for your life’s adventure that awaits you. Go confidently and GO STATE!
Theresa (Smith) Sorenson Class of 1989

You are a ROCKSTAR Bertolami!!!!

James Tucker Stull and fellow classmates, to say that we and your families are proud of you is an understatement. We are ECSTATIC! Way to go!!!
John and Jenny Judisch

James Tucker Stull. Cogratulations as you join your grandpa as a proud Iowa State graduate! Cyclones forever!
Dr. James and Patricia Wistrom, DVM, Iowa State, class of 1959

Maureen McDonald, Thank you for being such a good friend. Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration I just wanna tell you that I think that you’re amazin’
Carlos Santos

Gracias por ser. Te quiero mucho Luis Diego Gonzalez. Felicidades por tus logros!!!!
Carlos Santos

Congratulations to my son, Alexander Gale! So proud of you and all your accomplishments. Iowa State University has been an amazing journey! Filled with so many fun memories, wonderful friends and instructors, and an incredible educational experience that will be with you always. It has been a privilege and a joy to be a part of your journey. Looking forward to seeing you achieve more goals and dreams. Wishing you happiness and continued success as you pursue your PhD in Physics. Congratulations to you and all the LAS graduates on this special day!
Love you, Mom

Theatre Majors: Art heals the heart! Keep making art!

Congratulations on your achievement, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Cope & may your future hold a multitude of blessings & our best wishes
from Papa Tom & Gram B

So proud of you Katie!!!
Mom and Dad

We are so very proud of you Alex Jungman! You Rock!
Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Mitchell, and Sam

Congratulations Vivian!!! Cheers from Colorado
The Thomas Family

Congratulations on your Great Achievement! Best Wishes in Grad School Mark Bertolami!
Jim & Laura Lopez

Morgan Mulford. I am so proud of you and all your hard work. I love you so much.
Love, Mom

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and to our graduate, Riley Schwienebart, your family is so proud of you and your accomplishment. Celebrating you today!

Congratulations, Macy! Couldn’t be more proud of you!
Love, Mom & Dad

Emily Klisares I am proud of you~Congratulations
Tracey Klisares (Mom)

Congratulations Mark Bertolami! You are truly amazing and we are all so proud of you! Hold your head up high for all of your accomplishments! Never give up and keep following your dreams. Congratulations class of 2020
Auntie Jen Espinoza

Good job Timmy! you’re the best cousin!
Ania Espinoza

Congratulations to all of the 2020 graduates and especially to our daughter, Emily Redden. We are so proud of you!
Love, Dad and Mom

Congratulations Annie. It hasn’t been an easy road. We thank God for your success. Keep working hard. Proud of you!!!!
Aubrey Chikhwaza

To Anne Chikhwaza and 2020 graduates: It is a success you deserve. You are all amazing and have made us proud. Congratulations and Happy graduation day!
Victor Lordwin Chikoti

What a dream come true into your life!!! Go out and be fruitful!!
Professor Charles Jumbe, Malawi

Congratulations to our daughter Hannah Mauritz! We are so proud-we love you!
Mom & Dad

Congratulations and best of luck!!!
Mark Bertolami

Congratulations Maddie McCloskey! I am so proud of you sweet girl! Now go make your mark on the world! I love you!
Danielle McCloskey

Congratulations Paul on your achievement!
Mom, Dad and Big Sister

Congratulations Anthony Sillman! We are so proud of you. Way to keep that ISU legacy going!
Mom, Dad, Nick and Jordan

Congratulations Landon!!!! We love you and are so proud of you!!! Love, Mom & Dad
Doug & Beth Quam

Lisa! I am so proud of you! You are amazing & we love you!
Cindy Franciscus

Congratulations to Joshua Winaya Budi, Annie Banda and Maira Pedroso de Almeidaa
Maria Gaina

Annie Banda! God’s richest blessings on you today. Congratulations!
Al and Elaine Cox

Congratulations @ Giovani Trevisan fantastic PhD work!

Congratulations, so proud of you!!!

“That’s my dad @Matt Bourland” -Dylan S. “Woot, y’all are the best! @marcie gaebler and @matt bourland” – Justin YEET

When I first met you shortly after you started your program, and since you knew only a couple of people then, it may have felt like ‚ “When will this end” right? Well, here you are today, feeling like it was just yesterday! Congratulations Annie Banda! You have done it and more awaits you.
Anthony Mahama

Congratulations Mark!We are proud of you and love you!

Congratulations Kelsey!!! I am so proud of how hard you have worked the last four years. Looking forward to celebrating this momentous occassion with you Columbus-style this summer!
Kayla Knoll

Way to go JGuzz!

Dear Annie. Congratulations for your graduation. Graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning; it’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. I am proud of you. Love you.
Aubrey Cosmas Chikhwaza

Congratulations Kelsey! Can’t wait to celebrate!
Charlie Small

Congratulations Brian Mackley-we love you and are so proud!
Mom, Dad, Jack and Tess

Congratulations Samantha! Love ya.
Grandma and Grandpa

Best wishes to you!!!
Sarah Potter

Congrats Jack! Job well done.
Aunt Darlene and Uncle Bob

We are so proud of you Jack Guzzetta! We look forward to hearing about your future endeavors!
Aunt Lizzie, Uncle Jason and Cousin Gina

Congratulations Mark Bertolami! We wish you the best of luck!
From the O’Connell’s

Congratulations Olivia Seweryn! You’ve illustrated just how brilliant you are! Way to go! We love you!
Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Rebecca and Jillian

Congratulations, Olivia Seweryn, Liz Stratton, Kayla Vasquez and Travis James! We are so proud of your accomplishments in BPMI over the last four years and look forward to seeing all that you achieve in the future. Keep drawing and visualizing science! Good luck!
BPMI Faculty and Staff

Congrats Jack Guzzetta – even Covid can’t stop your momentum. Congrats on your graduation. So proud of what you have accomplished.
Janet & Mike Vinci

Congratulations, Victoria Cicha, Hannah Fritz, Jordan Gongora and Grace Herzberg! It’ no small feat to complete two majors packed into one! You’ve grown and accomplished so much and we are proud of you! Best wishes in your future steps. Here’s to you!!
BPMI Faculty & Staff

Congratulations Adam Mullen!
Dad & Mom Mullen

You did it, Katie! We are so proud of you!!! Forever a Cyclone!
Mom, Dad, Nathan and Nick